Technology & Design

 Members of Department:

  • Mrs A Hildebrand (HOD)
  • Ms C Teer
  • Mr Daniel Fox (Technical support P/T)

Technology & Design is...

…a practical subject that combines design, mathematics, and science in order to solve real problems and meet human needs. Essentially, we are searching for better ways to do things, inventing solutions and preparing for the future.

Our Departmental ethos is focused on:

· Innovation,
· practicality,
· sustainability
· and developing excellence through enjoyable tasks

We strive to create and provide learning experiences and environments that give students: skills that reflect those required in society, and the ability to become confident learners who can evolve and respond to future challenges.


Pupils will be given opportunities to:

  • analyse existing products;
  • develop practical solutions to consumer needs, wants and opportunities;
  • design and make quality products and/or systems;
  • understand that designing and making reflect and influence cultures and societies;
  • understand that products have an impact on lifestyle;
  • develop their creativity and critical analysis skills;
  • make links between existing solutions, technological knowledge and the principles of good design;
  • explore how aesthetic, technical, economic, environmental, ethical and social dimensions interact to shape designing and making;
  • develop decision-making skills;
  • consider sustainability; and gain insight into related sectors such as manufacturing and engineering.

All pupils at Key Stage 3 will have timetabled Technology and Design classes each week.
Pupils then have the opportunity to choose to study the subject to GCSE and progress on to study Product Design at A Level.


Year 8

Pupils are introduced to the workshop and will gain skills in basic manufacture using Wood and Plastics. They will also be given opportunities to design and make electronic circuits using a number of components. Throughout the process, pupils will work through the various stages of the design process and produce three finished products that they can bring home.

  • Pencil Holder Project,
  • Key Torch,
  • Bath Alarm.

Year 9

Pupils will build upon the skills gained in Year 8 to design and make two projects. More advanced manufacturing skills will be developed and they will have an opportunity to build an electronic circuit that includes a Microchip, while learning to create products that are sustainable and environmentally friendly. They will also be given opportunities to further develop their design and communication skills through Product Analysis and a focus on drawing/ sketching techniques. Pupils learn about Mechanisms and mechanical control which progresses into a final Mechanical control project.

  • Money Box Project,
  • Acrobatic Puppet.

Year 10

Pupils are given an opportunity to use computer control to design and develop a Musical toy project. They will develop skills in basic computer programming and more advanced circuit building. Pupils learn about Smart Materials and their roles in our modern technological environments. They investigate technological careers and how relevant the skills they learn are in many diverse career choices. Pupils finish off the year with a project to showcase the skills they have developed over the past three years.

  • Musical Toy Project
  • Jewellery Display Stand.


Systems and Control

To be successful at GCSE students need to be well motivated, creative and have a genuine interest in design.

A Level

Product Design

Students embarking on AS and A Level study in Technology and Design (Product Design option) will have a strong interest in design and show the commitment to undertake a design project to completion.

Looking to the Future

With its roots in craft subjects such as woodwork and metalwork, there are a lot of misconceptions about T&D. Whilst they still play a role, T&D as a subject is far broader than that giving students hands on practical experience and encouraging innovation, and enterprise across design, science, manufacturing, engineering and technology.

It gives young people the opportunity to combine practical and technological skills with creative thinking to design and make real and useful products.

It uses modern manufacturing processes such as CAD/CAM and works with traditional and modern materials. In fact at GCSE and A Level, students have opportunities to work on real world challenges with help from employers, across areas in product design and systems and control.

All in all it’s an exciting, relevant, rigorous and challenging 21st century subject. More than that, it provides a strong foundation for education and careers in areas such as engineering, design, high value manufacturing and the creative industries. Employers value the subject as they desperately need skilled people to follow careers at both academic and vocational levels.



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