• J.Rogers (Head of Spanish/Italian)
  • T.Burns
  • L.Galway
  • D.Royal
  • Á. Soler Martinez (Spanish Assistant)

The Spanish Department is made up of four dedicated Members of Staff and a Spanish Assistant who has been working with us for the past ten years.
Learning Spanish is a cumulative process, which, when rewarded often in the early stages, will motivate pupils to further success. Being a cumulative process it requires perseverance which is in itself challenging and rewarding. From the outset in Year 8 our young language learners are stretched intellectually.
Horizons are widened and new areas of knowledge, experience and language skills are opened up, giving personal satisfaction and a sense of achievement. We as a Department strive to encourage this sense of achievement and enjoyment and develop an ability to understand and use the Spanish Language effectively.


 Personal Details
 Numbers 1-100
 Months of the Year
 My Schoolbag - Contents
 Classroom Objects/Facilities in School
 Days of the Week
 My Family - Members
 Countries & Nationality
 Physical Description
 Daily Routine/Weekend
 Cinema/Types of Film
 Places in Town/Directions
 Description of House/Rooms/Furniture
 Parts of the Body/Ailments
 Town & Countryside (Comparison)
 Weather & Environment
 House & Home (Helping Around the House)
 Pocket Money
 Food & Drink


Whist studying the course pupils will:

  • Develop knowledge of the language and language learning skills
  • Develop an understanding of Spanish in a variety of contexts
  • Develop the ability to communicate effectively
  • Develop awareness and understanding of Spanish-speaking communities
  • Relationships - Family & Friends
  • The Local Environment
  • Daily Routine & Leisure Activities
  • Health & Lifestyle
  • Environment Issues
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Media & Communications
  • Festivals & Customs
  • School Life
  • Part Time Jobs
  • Future Plans

Students should be able to investigate, understand, describe, discuss and give opinions, in relation to the above contexts.
They should also be able to communicate effectively, produce pieces in speech and writing, and listen and respond to stimulus material on the above themes.

A Level

  • Youth Culture & Concerns
  • Lifestyle - Health & Fitness
  • The World Around Us - Travel, Tourism, Environment Issues & The Spanish Speaking World
  • Education & Employment
  • Customs, Traditions, Belief & Religions.
  • National & International Events: Past, Present & Future.
  • Literature and the Arts.

The Advanced Subsidiary and Advanced GCE reward advanced- level Spanish language skills and knowledge through student focused assessment. With appealing content and opportunity to gain greater understanding of Spanish culture, it will prepare our pupils to become well-informed and effective communicators.
From the outset of the course the pupils in our charge must be prepared to always give of their best. The study of a foreign language entails constant study and extensive reading in the target language. She must take full advantage of all available resources and be prepared to work independently to improve her linguistic ability. Dedication and commitment are a prerequisite at this level of study.

Overview Results

 GCSE  A*- C
 2013  93%
 2014  100%
 2015  96%
 GCSE  A*- C
 2013  100%
 2014  100%
 2015  100%
 GCSE  A*- C
 2013  100%
 2014  100%
 2015  100%


The educational visit is organised on a biannual basis and affords the pupils a greater insight into Spanish culture and traditions of the area visited.
Both Barcelona and Santander have proven to be popular destinations where the pupils attend class in the morning and then take part in visits and activities in the afternoon and evening. In June 2016 we will be taking part in a Homestay visit in Málaga which will entail pupils staying with a Spanish host family.
This will be a great opportunity to integrate fully into Spanish family life and discover similarities and differences. Activities and visits will take place in the morning and the evening will be spent in the company of a Spanish host family.





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