Members or the History Department

  • Mr. G. H. Mason (Head of the History Department)
  • Dr. R. Butler
  • Mr. S. Jenkins
  • Ms. G. McCarthy
  • Mr. K. O’Neill
  • Ms. A. Simpson

The following is an outline of the various courses followed at present by pupils in the College.  (Key Stage 3 History is compulsory but the study of History thereafter is optional.)


Year 8 

What is History?
Who am I and how do I fit into History?
The Norman impact on the medieval world
(Revised Curriculum commenced September 2007)

Year 9

‘From Columbus to the Irish Famine’ – Ireland and its
neighbours, c1490 – c1850
(Revised Curriculum commenced September 2008)

Year 10

‘From the Great War to the Troubles’ – Ireland and its
neighbours throughout the twentieth century
(Revised Curriculum commenced September 2009)


Year 11

Germany 1918-1939
and Britain, Northern Ireland and Ireland 1965-1985

Year 12

Civil Rights in the USA (Controlled Assessment)
The Cold War 1945-1991
(Updated CCEA Specification commenced September 2014)

As & A2


Germany 1918-1945
Italy 1914-1943
(Revised CCEA Specification commenced September 2008)


Unionism and Nationalism in Ireland 1800-1900
Partition of Ireland 1900-1925
(Revised CCEA Specification commenced September 2009)


The History Department is committed to ensuring that History is a living subject for pupils not just in the classroom but outside the classroom as well.  
The department has organised a variety of educational visits over many years in order to promote knowledge and understanding of the overall History curriculum.  Year 8 pupils have visited Carrickfergus Castle in order to enrich their understanding of the Normans and the medieval world.  
Year 10 pupils have visited the Somme Heritage Centre in order to reinforce knowledge and understanding of the First World War.  Furthermore, Year 11 pupils visit Derry City so as to refine their conceptual understanding of the part of the CCEA GCSE History specification dealing with the history of Northern Ireland between 1965 and 1985.  Finally, Year 14 pupils visit Dublin (including Kilmainham Gaol, Glasnevin Cemetery and Croke Park) in order to deepen their appreciation of modern Irish history.  
This is a crucial educational visit as the two CCEA A2 History modules are concerned with the history of Ireland from 1800 to 1925.


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