Health & Social Care

Members of Department
  • Dr C McLaughlin (HOD)
  • Mrs M Mcready
  • Mrs L Shields
  • Ms K Hamill
  • Ms C Agnew
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  Dr McLaughlin Dresses up for Open Day.  


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Health and Social Care presents students with a broad, coherent, satisfying and worthwhile course of study and allows them to gain an insight into related Health, Social Care and Early Years disciplines. The research, evaluation, IT and communication skills developed and used in this subject make it a useful qualification for a broad range of career paths including nursing, social work, teaching, medicine, dentistry, care work, child care and counselling. This is a very popular subject choice at both GCSE and A level. Our Health and Social Care pupils really enjoy carrying out the community-based research and real-world interactions.

GCSE: 2 Units

Unit 1: Working in Health & Social Care (60%)

This unit is carried out in Year 12 and involves 3 controlled assessments. There is no exam at the end of Year 12.

Task 1: the pupils produce a report on accessing a care service for a chosen individual, usually a family member. They carry out research, including interviewing their chosen service user.

Task 2: the pupils research a local Health, Social Care or Early Years service in their community and produce an information leaflet on this service.

Task 3: the pupils research a chosen job role within the Health, Social Care and Early Years sector. They produce a PowerPoint based on their research and then evaluate their own suitability for this role.

Unit 2: Personal Development (40%)

Unit 2 is studied in Year 11 at the end of which the pupils sit an examination. The topics studied are:

  1. Human growth and development
  2. Factors affecting growth and development
  3. Relationships
  4. Self-concept
  5. Coping with life changes

2015 will see the first results from Dominican College GCSE Health and Social Care pupils.

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Nurse Pat Smyth talks to pupils about the Care Value Base.


The pupils complete one week’s work experience in a Health, Social Care or Early Years setting. Examples of placements include nursery schools, primary schools, special needs schools, GP and dental surgeries, hospitals, health centres and residential homes for the elderly or disabled. They make observations and record evidence during this work placement, on which they base their coursework for Units 1 and 2 (66% of AS mark). Unit 3 is assessed through examination (2 hours).

  • Unit 1: Promoting Positive Care
  • Unit 2: Communicaiton in Care Settings
  • Unit 3: Health & Well Being
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                                                AS Projects at a Nursery School



The pupils plan, carry out and evaluate a Health Promotion activity which they present to pupils at schools in the local community. Some of the Health Promotion themes covered are Healthy Teeth, Fighting Obesity, Road Safety, Skin Cancer, Smoking, Alcohol and Drugs. At the end of the A2 course the pupils sit 2 examinations, one of which is based on pre-release material.

  • Unit 9: Providing Services
  • Unit 10: Health Promotion Activity
  • Unit 15: Human Nutrition & Dietetics
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                                                A2 Dental Health Promotion Activity

Academic Achievement

In the two years since the launch of Health and Social Care at Dominican College, our pupils have done exceptionally well! So far, at both AS and A2, we have achieved 100% grades A* - C. In 2013 the first cohort of AS pupils achieved 100% A-B!!



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